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What Are the Top 3 Business Qualities Clients Pay For?

Great clients who pay you well come from your mindset and 3 critical business practices.

Many people tell us that they just can’t find paying clients, or that their clients are reluctant to pay them, or that their clients really can’t afford them.

We promise you, this doesn’t have to be true for you! At it’s heart, if your practice is full of clients who can’t pay, you don’t have a successful business. Without a successful business, you are sacrificing more than time and financial freedom. You are sacrificing your potential to reach more people and affect more profound change.

Quite possibly, you are not holding yourself or your clients as truly powerful. We love helping our clients shift their money mindsets and discover why it’s often your own boundary issues around money and worthiness that cause you to attract clients who feel powerless to pay you.

In addition to mindset, there are three CRITICAL BUSINESS PRACTICES that clients pay for. Don’t think because you are here to serve or heart-centered that you don’t have to follow the laws of business. The truth is, once you incorporate these three key business practices, you have an advantage — because you KNOW the amazing power and synchronicity that happen when your decisions and actions are aligned with spirit and integrity.

Here is video tip #2 by Tim: How to attract paying clients!

Here it is again, the three things clients of ANY business pay for:

  1. Visability. Call it the Celebrity factor — visabilty creates credibility. And it’s not just about “marketing”: your clients deserve to know that you’ve been around for a while, that you are committed, and that you are trustworthy.
  2. Great Customer Service. All those things our mothers told us are true: treating people the way we love to be treated is always a great place to start.
  3. Outcomes! Healing and service professionals in particular tend to talk a lot about what they are going to do to help their clients. Trust me, what your clients really want to hear is what gets to be different for them as a result of working with you.
About Tim Lowry

Tim has been teaching energy healing and personal empowerment to a worldwide audience at both the graduate and undergraduate levels for more than 15 yrs.

Tim successfully integrates results-oriented accountability and transformational breakthroughs of spiritual evolution and energy consciousness. Tim's mastery and passion for helping clients achieve their goals is evidenced in his ability to build a thriving business mainly through word-of-mouth and referrals. A significant reason for this success is Tim's ability to facilitate clients through transformation quickly and clearly.

When he is not performing on stage (yes, that hair belongs to a lead guitarist), he continues to find new ways of being Mr. Right to his wife of 20 years and father to their two children. Tim currently lives in Land O Lakes, FL, USA, and also travels the world supporting his clients.

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