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VIP Experiences

Spend a morning or an afternoon with Tim, in person or in the comfort of your own home, and come away with real solutions.

Your Private VIP Package includes:

  • Tim’s unique system of process work to bring you to your core issue quickly, so your breakthrough is only the beginning
  • Focused attention on the challenge you bring forward, so it finally gets handled
  • Specific, strategic ways to create alignment in yourself and in your environment, so you are supported in your success
  • Energetic skill work if needed, so you can experience your higher vibration in your body and have a reference point
  • Your clear action plan — you’ll know exactly what your next step is, so you don’t waste any more time spinning your wheels
  • Time for clarification and reflection, so you can truly claim ownership of your new experience

To Create The Success You Want, You Must Practice Action

Clients who choose a Private VIP session experience greater transformation in less time. Your Private VIP experience is a dedicated time for you to be one-on-one with Tim. Many clients opt for the convenience of a “virtual” session, where Tim will work with you from the comfort of your own home either over the phone or on Skype.

You’ll uncover the “glue in your system” quickly, even if you haven’t seen it before. You’ll experience Tim’s unique system and use of energy dynamics. You will understand why breakthrough or your “ah-ha” is only the beginning. Your clear action plan includes your next step(s), so you walk away empowered and ready to leap forward.

Put simply, this is the most powerful option for cutting through the crap and getting the results you want, fast. Spending a morning or afternoon focused specifically on you, your core needs and your current places of frustration, brings depth and clarity to the key challenges that need your attention.

Private VIP Session FAQ

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