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It’s Very Simple.
If You Want To Go Deep With Your Clients,
You Need The Transformational Leadership Group.

Are you looking to take your work with your clients to the next level?
Whether you are a healing professional, therapist, facilitator, trainer, counselor, or coach this is group the for you!

Go Beyond Techniques and Discover the Keys to
Transformative Client Relationships

Most schools and facilitator training courses out there focus on technique. While there is value in learning techniques, the truth is that when you are out there working with clients in the real world, the techniques are not enough. If you want real results, healing is all about the relationship. And no training alone prepares you for the wide range of challenges you face when you are going deep with your clients, because every client is unique!

“Transformational Leadership Group is helping me in many areas of my life.”

“Although the focus of the Transformational Leadership Group has to do with career, the facilitators create a safe, sacred space for the sharing of anything at all that is stopping you from having a full and joyful experience of life, be that in your career or otherwise. They are helping me to understand that there is no real separation there.”

– Tessa M.

Any of these problems sound familiar?
  • Struggling with clear and healthy boundaries regarding money, time, or energy
  • Trouble conveying the value of your work to “your” clients
  • Feeling like your clients are stuck in a pattern (TIP: Actually you are stuck too!)
  • Wondering how to balance professionalism with being a real human being
  • Feeling drained by certain clients, or just generally “burnt-out”
  • Unsure how to deal with a ‘difficult’ client (TIP: You have been sucked in)
  • You easily identify your client’s “issue,” but you’re not sure how to facilitate a breakthrough
  • Feeling frustrated by clients that have a passive “fix me” attitude
  • Having days where you lack confidence in your craft
  • Feeling over your head with certain clients
  • Confusion about when to work with a client or when to refer a client to another practitioner

If even one of these challenges resonates with you, imagine what professional support that deals specifically with YOU and YOUR actual client challenges, could mean to you. Would you like to get the results that turn your clients into your raving fans?

Receiving Professional Supervision is one of the most potent ways to develop MASTERY as a practitioner/facilitator because the relationship is alive, in the moment, and specific to you. The challenges are real, coming directly from you or a fellow member, rather than being theoretical. Through addressing the real cases, you end up with real solutions.

Join The Transformational Leadership Group

Participation in the Transformational Leadership Group requires a three month commitment, yet an investment of only $397. That’s an amazing value!

Upcoming Transformational Leadership Group Calls:

  • Dates: Wednesday, Jun 3rd, 2020 & Wednesday, Jun 10th, 2020
  • Time: 10AM PST / 1PM EST

Click the button below to sign up and receive information on how to start getting the benefits of being a Transformational Leadership Group member today.

I want to become a member of the Transformational Leadership Group

As a member of the group you will:

  • Identify your own “blind spots,” so your breakthroughs open the door for your clients’ too
  • Find out where you get lost in the relationship with your client, so you maintain the healthy boundaries that make progress for your client possible
  • Find and gently work with your growing edge, so your personal process continues, yet doesn’t get in the way of your client’s progress or results
  • Unveil your unique “therapeutic genius,” so you attract “your” clients to you, you know…the ones that value your work, are excited to work with you and that YOU want to work with too!
  • Discern between a healthy boundary and a dysfunctional one, so you can create a safe, sacred environment for your clients
  • Recognize your unconscious reactions to your clients and turn them into healing responses, so your client’s learn by having “real, authentic experiences” with you and can then translate those into their lives as well
  • Learn to discern whom you want to work with and when, so you virtually end burnout and don’t waste your time or theirs.
  • Practice regular self-inquiry, so you see how your work can become a pleasurable, passionate expression of you.
  • Recognize what specifically leads your client’s to breakthrough experiences, so you can support them and their results are quick, stable and long-lasting
  • Be a part of a growing community of like-minded peers, so you can receive the encouragement and support of other strong, heart-centered leaders entrepreneurs, and healing professionals.

Professional Coaching

Master Healers Tim Lowry and Jonathan T. Bessone will be your mentors. Together they have over 25 years of combined experience teaching, leading groups, and providing mentoring services to entrepreneurs, doctors, therapists, coaches, and many other healing professionals. This group is open to anyone involved in the helping professions; including therapists, healers, trainers, bodyworkers, coaches, and all teachers of transformation. If you do deep work with your clients, you want to be a part of this community.

Rich Learning Environment

As a group we create a rich learning environment that goes beyond what is possible with one-on-one sessions and incorporates detailed feedback and generous support from the other participant practitioners. We all learn from each other as members bring their “real life” challenges to the group for help, feedback, and support. The group also provides focused time, just for you, where you get to explore the challenges you currently face with your client’s.

Ongoing Support

An awesome member bonus is the online forum! The forum provides the opportunity for members to receive ongoing support in between the “live” calls. You are encouraged to follow-up on cases that have been presented during calls by posting online with questions, new developments, and ideas. Post updates and receive ongoing, real-time feedback and support from the group and the mentors that will empower you to both follow through and turn your insights into action.

Important Information

  • Groups are STRICTLY LIMITED in their number of participants. We do this to assure that everyone gets an opportunity to speak, share, and participate.
  • Every member is guaranteed a regular amount of client presentation time each month. Of course, not all members present on every call, yet all will have the opportunity and be encouraged to participate, share, and give feedback.
  • Each call is 90 minutes in length and the calls are bi-monthly.
  • At Success Without Sacrifice we take client confidentiality very seriously. When referring to a client, we ask that you please use only the first initial of their first name. For example, “My client A, my client N.” Participants who fail to maintain client confidentiality or continue to break policy will be asked to retire from the program.

Join The Transformational Leadership Group

Participation the Transformational Leadership Group requires a three month commitment for $397.
That’s an amazing value!

Upcoming Transformational Leadership Group Calls:

  • Dates: Wednesday, Jun 3rd, 2020 & Wednesday, Jun 10th, 2020
  • Time: 10AM PST / 1PM EST

Click the button below to sign up and receive the information on how to participate in the live call.


“Transformational Leadership Group is helping me in many areas of my life.”

“When I started with TLG I was seeing a few clients on an irregular basis. I did’t have a clear idea of what my healing practice could look like. I had a vague idea of wanting to help people… I’ve been reorganizing my living conditions – down-sizing in a big way, moving to a small, rural community an hour and a half’s drive out of town. Downsizing is going to allow me to travel during the winter months. My family lives far away, and I want to spend more time with them, with friends, and taking more courses so that I can deepen, and work on, my own process. I have another career besides my healing practice – I’m an artist, and although I’ve been selling my work for many years, I have done next to nothing to promote myself or my artwork, instead, I pass it over to galleries and they do the business work for me. This is good, but I know that I could be helping myself in this area as well, and I’m excited to see that the work I’m doing with TLG is transferring to my business as an artist. In fact, I see that it’s effecting change throughout my life, which is perhaps the most exciting thing of all.

Specifically, in terms of my healing practice, working with the Transformational Leadership Group is helping me in several areas that have been holding me back in terms of first identifying, and then creating a business that would allow me to bring my abilities and training as an energy worker into the world, in a way that feels natural and is joyful and financially beneficial to me, and which works with the life style I want to have.

I have been helped to accept and to work on my difficulty with structure as it plays out in my attitude towards the business side of my work. For example, rather than continuing to feel hopeless about my difficulty with organizing my healing practice – scheduling appointments, creating literature about the work that I do, etc., I have been helped to identify where I can add structure that complements my affinity for flow. My belief that organization requires a rigid force to come from some outside place and impose it’s order on me, (one that I’m bound not to like…), is being replaced by the understanding that taking control using, instead of fighting against, my natural abilities is a liberating and exciting idea, and that it’s actually the only option with potential for lasting success and continued growth.

Something else that I was working on prior to joining TLG, was the ancient fear of being branded as a witch for doing healing work. This fear had been acting as a kind of cloak of secrecy and silence for as long as I could remember. It had the effect of making it almost impossible to talk about what I do even to close friends. The few clients that I had up to that point had found their way to me through a kind of hushed word of mouth. Some of them were past practice clients – friends who had agreed to let me practice on them for homework while I was studying at BBSH. After one session with the group, where I worked through the remaining pieces of that block, I was ready to free myself from that fear. I received such incredible help from the facilitators and from the other members of the group, that I experienced an immediate shift – I mean, within hours! The funny thing about that shift is that several former clients suddenly wanted to make appointments to come and see me. It was as if they had been waiting for me to catch up with where they already were – totally accepting of and positive about the energy work that they had already experienced from me, but which part of my own mind was unable to accept as a “good thing.” I had been attempting to have a healing practice while keeping what I do a big secret. No wonder my business wasn’t growing! I can see now that hiding this part of myself amounted to a denial of a major part of myself. It was not life affirming. It kept me small and scared. It is hugely liberating to be free of that fear now.

Other benefits of working with TLG include expert nutritional and supplement advice for clients with particular illnesses. Seemingly “small,” but actually “huge,” insights and pieces of advice regarding my own and my client’s needs. The opportunity to hear about, and to learn from, what the other members of the group are working on either in their own lives, with their businesses, or with clients. Witnessing others in their process, having the honor of holding them in that place, and in turn, being witnessed and held by others is the unique benefit of being involved with a group. There is exponentially more energy, and more opportunity for change, when several people are gathered together, each bringing their own energy to the group. Although the focus of the Transformational Leadership Group has to do with career, the facilitators create a safe, sacred space for the sharing of anything at all that is stopping you from having a full and joyful experience of life, be that in your career or otherwise. They are helping me to understand that there is no real separation there.”

– Tessa M.

“Outstanding Supervisors!”

Tim and Jonathan are outstanding supervisors that I highly recommend.

It has changed my practice for the better, I am so grateful for their heart centered approach, and their wisdom, support and knowledge. Thank you!

– Karen R.

“Heart-Centered, Detail Oriented Approach”

Tim is the real-deal! His heart-centered, detail oriented approach is a breath of fresh air. I love that he is bringing his wealth of knowledge to helping people shine in their true calling!

– Michelle G.

“Tim Joyfully Presents You With The Gift Of You!”

I heartily endorse working with Tim in any context.His mastery of the art of human relation, along with his ego-less precision, is a sight to behold and a delight to explore the “world of possibility” with. He is brilliantly adaptive to each individual and situation as he intuits the very crux of the issues at hand, with such a remarkable mix of levity and accuracy that one experiences both laughing and crying simultaneously.

He joyfully presents you with the gift of YOU, and THAT’s something really wonderful to bring back into the center of your mind, body, spirit and world!!

– Michelle F.