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Turning Your Desire To Help Into A Healing Response

When you work with your clients, do you have what you need to bring about a breakthrough? All clinicians have moments where they struggle to apply the tools of their craft in the best way for a particular client.

The good news is, you do have what you need to help your client. The seed of the healing response is hidden within the very feelings and reactions you may be struggling with.

Are you nervous about whether or not you are “good enough” to help your client? You won’t find the healing response by questioning your abilities or conveying doubt to your client. However, the very fact that you are nervous means you care. You want to help this person, in this moment, with this challenge. By going deeper into that impulse to help, you open up your resourcefulness. You and your client will meet in a very different experience.

What if you are able to see the conflict, but unsure how to facilitate an opening? Welcome to relationship! When you work with a client, you are really engaging in a complex dance. The client brings feelings, reactions, and history… and so do you!

Your training gives you the tools of your craft. Ongoing guidance and support within your practice, within the relationship between you and each unique client, helps you become masterful at your craft.

When I first opened my healing practice in 1997, I was a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a 4 year program in energy medicine. I had a prior certification in Natural Health Consulting and years of experience as a massage therapist. I was very comfortable with my table skills.

Yet I really struggled with that period of time between when a client came in the door, and when they got up on my table. I wasn’t trained in talking! Over time, I learned from my mistakes, but… I also started limiting my practice to those “comfortable” clients that didn’t stretch my comfort zone too much. And guess what? Doing so limited my practice, and my income.

This pattern didn’t really shift until I committed to regular mentoring through professional supervision. The benefit of having a mentor who was at a higher level of mastery than me, who quite simply had a magic combination of insight and experience, completely changed the face of my practice.

I have increased my skills, my professionalism, and the number of clients I am able to help. Perhaps most importantly, I have increased my confidence a thousandfold. And here’s an important secret — the more confident you are in your work, the more you will enjoy it. And the more you enjoy it, the more you will stand tall and naturally attract your clients.

As helpers, we must take care of ourselves. I find that knowing I have regular support and guidance becomes an act of love for myself and my client. My commitment to finding the healing response and continuing to look at my part of the client-clinician dance pays off in personal pleasure — I love rather than dread client sessions! — and it pays off in clarity for my clients.

Recently I shared how strongly I feel about this with a colleague, and he expressed that while supervision seemed like something everyone should have, he personally couldn’t find a qualified supervisor, especially one able to deal with energetics as well as more traditional facilitation.

It was the proverbial light-bulb moment! Because it just so happens that I am married to a Master Healer with mad supervision skills and experience. And while he can’t ethically be my supervisor… what if he could be yours? Well, that idea got tossed around here at Success Without Sacrifice, we brought Jonathan T. Bessone on board, and we came up with a truly astounding way to put our beliefs into action.

Because we believe that everyone with clients not only needs supervision, but should be getting it both from a professional and a personal perspective…

Because we’ve heard from MANY of our colleagues, and experienced ourselves, that Professional Supervision often feels like a “luxury”, an extra that might be nice but really isn’t in the budget…

Because we’re crazy enough to try new things we believe in even when people tell us we’ll never make money this way…

Success Without Sacrifice is offering Supervision that absolutely anyone can afford. We’ve set up two options:

Option 1: Professional Supervision for $99/month

Join a small, intimate group for Professional Supervision — you’ll formally present your client at least once each month; you’ll have ongoing support and continuity, and your group is tailored to your specific needs.

Of course we hope you’ll join us — with typical supervision running from $200 to $300 per session we can’t imagine a reason not to. And yes, to keep this experiment going, we will need to fill these groups. Will you join us?

Option 2: FREE Supervision Question & Answer Calls

Maybe you don’t know our supervisors, Tim Lowry and Jonathan T. Bessone, and of course you want to know if they’re any good. Maybe you don’t believe you need supervision, but there is this one client question you’ve been wishing you could discuss, confidentially, with trained professionals.

Maybe you’re just plain cheap, or broke. That’s ok, we STILL believe that anyone with clients needs supervision. You need it for your own support, and your clients deserve your commitment to clarity and growth. So you can hop on our free call!

We’re offering this to you free every month. It’s not full Professional Supervision with case presentations and lots of time to really understand the dynamics and healing response hidden in your client challenge… but it IS a place to ask questions, to get help, and to get a taste of the power of supervision.

And, it’s NOT a sales call — we won’t be spending 15 mintutes answering your questions and 45 minutes talking about our $99/month program – promise! We think once you get a taste you’ll want more, but we let our work speak for itself. Register now here.

So, I’ve done my part. I had the inspiration and I followed through. I’ve lined up two amazing supervisors. You’ll be working with Tim Lowry, Master Healer, Teacher, and Group Facilitator; and Jonathan Bessone, Shaman, Visionary, Healer, and licensed bodyworker. I’ve convinced them to share their time and expertise at way below their normal rates.

Now it’s your turn. Did we have a good idea? Let us know — register for one of our awesome options, or leave us a comment why not below, so we can keep improving our services.

About Tim Lowry

Tim has been teaching energy healing and personal empowerment to a worldwide audience at both the graduate and undergraduate levels for more than 15 yrs.

Tim successfully integrates results-oriented accountability and transformational breakthroughs of spiritual evolution and energy consciousness. Tim's mastery and passion for helping clients achieve their goals is evidenced in his ability to build a thriving business mainly through word-of-mouth and referrals. A significant reason for this success is Tim's ability to facilitate clients through transformation quickly and clearly.

When he is not performing on stage (yes, that hair belongs to a lead guitarist), he continues to find new ways of being Mr. Right to his wife of 20 years and father to their two children. Tim currently lives in Land O Lakes, FL, USA, and also travels the world supporting his clients.

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