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How to Turn Your Conversations Into Paying Clients

Too many of you are missing out on potential income because you lack a clear strategy for turning your conversations with potential clients into sales conversions for you business.

I can already hear you saying, “sales conversions, ewwww!” I want to ask you, who are you cheating here? You have fantastic skills and unique life experience. You know that for the right person, you can make a tremendous difference. You have the power to change lives for the better.

If you don’t consistently get clients actually working with you, how will you help them? “Converting” people isn’t a dirty concept. Sales and conversions are about becoming skilled at clarifying exactly what you offer and who it benefits. Sales and conversions are the HOW that drives using your gift in the world.

Embracing sales and conversions shows you take your business seriously. You hold yourself powerfully and you are in integrity about the value of what you do. This inspires your clients to also hold themselves powerfully, to strive to more fully express their personal integrity, and to value the work that they do with you. And guess what? Clients like that get better results.

In this final video tip of 3-part series, Tim takes you through some common missed opportunities for turning your conversations into paying clients.

  • You fail to address common objections — often in this situation you perceive the client potential client as not interested. But the potential client perceives you as unprepared and uninterested in helping them solve their challenge. Your clients WANT you to be a beacon of light and accountability.
  • You aren’t fully valuing your service and it shows up in hard-to-understand descriptions and hard-to follow offers — or you may not even make an offer!
  • You are not holding yourself and your client powerfully — trusting in your ability to deliver concise solutions and in their ability to make the decision that is best for them.

Here is a video tip #3 from Tim which is how to turn your conversation into a paying client.

About Tim Lowry

Tim has been teaching energy healing and personal empowerment to a worldwide audience at both the graduate and undergraduate levels for more than 15 yrs.

Tim successfully integrates results-oriented accountability and transformational breakthroughs of spiritual evolution and energy consciousness. Tim's mastery and passion for helping clients achieve their goals is evidenced in his ability to build a thriving business mainly through word-of-mouth and referrals. A significant reason for this success is Tim's ability to facilitate clients through transformation quickly and clearly.

When he is not performing on stage (yes, that hair belongs to a lead guitarist), he continues to find new ways of being Mr. Right to his wife of 20 years and father to their two children. Tim currently lives in Land O Lakes, FL, USA, and also travels the world supporting his clients.

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