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Tim Lowry Master Healer and Transformative Coach

I know you would much rather hear the real life stories of those who have had direct experience with me, so here you are, in their own words …

“Working with Tim, you will totally experience a transformation.”

“I was struggling with a pattern of wanting to disappear, literally “poof”, when I got stressed out and overwhelmed. The major source of frustration was not taking responsibility and standing in my power when it was most needed. I felt like I didn’t have control of the situation and felt vulnerable. It has affected my business in such a way that I was being treated as a weakling. It has affected my relationships in such a way that I just wanted to run away when things didn’t go the way I wanted them to go.

After working with Tim, I am now aware that the very thing I thought I was doing to make me stronger was making me weak. The grounding technique Tim taught me has allowed me to have a visual strategy to get over my pattern. The issue I had with my Mom was a traumatic one but I can act from my adult self now instead of being the little girl who was not able to do anything when the trauma happened.

The thing I liked most was learning the grounding technique of my root chakra and the breakthrough I experienced was that I have the right to exist because I was born. I’m here. As a result of this work I now stand in my power, especially in times of stress.

If you are considering working with Tim, you will totally experience transformation. So If you are wanting to change your life, he is the guy you should go to! I admire his courage to be authentic for who he is and he helped me with my inner healing.”

Lourdes Gant | Vice-President Manatee Holdings Ltd. | Top 100 Canadian Women Entrepreneurs |

“What I learned about myself was truly profound and I am forever changed.”

Shelene Taylor“Each day I realize how profound my [VIP] experience was. It is actually challenging to even come up with the words to describe how amazingly different I feel and how I am now taking charge as never before of my outcomes. Just today in talking to my husband I showed up in a way I have never experienced for myself.

We had the most amazing connection – full of love and powerful commitment and vision for our future.

Tim, truly, I don’t have the words to express how different I feel. I find myself making better choices consistently around food and exercise —
which is a bit of a shock!☺

I can’t believe that in less than 3 hours I really got to know myself as never before. That analogy you shared of being in the driver seat and not operating from the passenger side continues to be an unfolding insight for me. How much I was energetically out side of myself was something I had no clue about.

I didn’t even know that I wasn’t in total alignment; my original intention in choosing to work with you was to break through some current blocks.

That certainly happened, and what I learned about myself was truly profound and I am forever changed. Despite all the self-awareness work and growth I have experienced, this was at another level.

As a multimillion dollar biz owner I enjoy a very satisfying level of success, and I know that my success is related to my level of alignment with my vision and purpose. This has reminded me that no matter what level one is at – there is more – much more.

I didn’t realize that healing could be facilitated so quickly, so deeply, or with so much laughter! In one session you’ve made my short list of people I want to work with regularly to continue and accelerate my success.”

Shelene T. |

“Transformational Leadership Group is helping me in many areas of my life.”

“When I started with TLG I was seeing a few clients on an irregular basis. I did’t have a clear idea of what my healing practice could look like. I had a vague idea of wanting to help people… I’ve been reorganizing my living conditions – down-sizing in a big way, moving to a small, rural community an hour and a half’s drive out of town. Downsizing is going to allow me to travel during the winter months. My family lives far away, and I want to spend more time with them, with friends, and taking more courses so that I can deepen, and work on, my own process. I have another career besides my healing practice – I’m an artist, and although I’ve been selling my work for many years, I have done next to nothing to promote myself or my artwork, instead, I pass it over to galleries and they do the business work for me. This is good, but I know that I could be helping myself in this area as well, and I’m excited to see that the work I’m doing with TLG is transferring to my business as an artist. In fact, I see that it’s effecting change throughout my life, which is perhaps the most exciting thing of all.

Specifically, in terms of my healing practice, working with the Transformational Leadership Group is helping me in several areas that have been holding me back in terms of first identifying, and then creating a business that would allow me to bring my abilities and training as an energy worker into the world, in a way that feels natural and is joyful and financially beneficial to me, and which works with the life style I want to have.

I have been helped to accept and to work on my difficulty with structure as it plays out in my attitude towards the business side of my work. For example, rather than continuing to feel hopeless about my difficulty with organizing my healing practice – scheduling appointments, creating literature about the work that I do, etc., I have been helped to identify where I can add structure that complements my affinity for flow. My belief that organization requires a rigid force to come from some outside place and impose it’s order on me, (one that I’m bound not to like…), is being replaced by the understanding that taking control using, instead of fighting against, my natural abilities is a liberating and exciting idea, and that it’s actually the only option with potential for lasting success and continued growth.

Something else that I was working on prior to joining TLG, was the ancient fear of being branded as a witch for doing healing work. This fear had been acting as a kind of cloak of secrecy and silence for as long as I could remember. It had the effect of making it almost impossible to talk about what I do even to close friends. The few clients that I had up to that point had found their way to me through a kind of hushed word of mouth. Some of them were past practice clients – friends who had agreed to let me practice on them for homework while I was studying at BBSH. After one session with the group, where I worked through the remaining pieces of that block, I was ready to free myself from that fear. I received such incredible help from the facilitators and from the other members of the group, that I experienced an immediate shift – I mean, within hours! The funny thing about that shift is that several former clients suddenly wanted to make appointments to come and see me. It was as if they had been waiting for me to catch up with where they already were – totally accepting of and positive about the energy work that they had already experienced from me, but which part of my own mind was unable to accept as a “good thing.” I had been attempting to have a healing practice while keeping what I do a big secret. No wonder my business wasn’t growing! I can see now that hiding this part of myself amounted to a denial of a major part of myself. It was not life affirming. It kept me small and scared. It is hugely liberating to be free of that fear now.

Other benefits of working with TLG include expert nutritional and supplement advice for clients with particular illnesses. Seemingly “small,” but actually “huge,” insights and pieces of advice regarding my own and my client’s needs. The opportunity to hear about, and to learn from, what the other members of the group are working on either in their own lives, with their businesses, or with clients. Witnessing others in their process, having the honor of holding them in that place, and in turn, being witnessed and held by others is the unique benefit of being involved with a group. There is exponentially more energy, and more opportunity for change, when several people are gathered together, each bringing their own energy to the group. Although the focus of the Transformational Leadership Group has to do with career, the facilitators create a safe, sacred space for the sharing of anything at all that is stopping you from having a full and joyful experience of life, be that in your career or otherwise. They are helping me to understand that there is no real separation there.”

Tessa M.

“I learned that suffering is optional”

Viki S Testimonial for Tim LowryOne challenge for me was being fully myself … expressing my truth and being all of me. I was terrified to be true to myself and express my feelings for fear I’d be left alone for the rest of my life. Who could handle all of me? In order to be loved I’d take on other people’s pain hoping to make them feel a little better, get some validation and avoid the possibility of being abandoned. In the process I created my own suffering.

I learned that suffering is optional. I can make a different choice. I am not the cause of other people’s feelings and I’m not responsible for others. And I don’t need to explain myself because that’s care taking! Just say my truth.

I am letting go of the false need to be something other than myself. I am finding the flow inside of me and setting up healthy boundaries which support the flow. I am making different choices. I am saying my truth and expressing myself with an open heart. I am experiencing great compassion and can tolerate someone being in their pain while I am present and loving and holding clear, healthy boundaries.

I feel better! I am more mindful, present, confident, and empowered. I am accepting every part of me on all levels and it feels AMAZING!! I am attracting people with more energy in their systems … people who are open, honest, willing to be present and communicative. My relationships with my clients have shifted. I am able to create deeper connection and more harmonious work.

I am feeling a lot of gratitude for life. It feels like a very special time and it’s an honor to be here on the planet. I am so grateful to Tim. He has an incredible balance of powerful intention and presence and nurturing love, support and compassion. He holds a very strong healing container and I can honestly say that after every single session I would feel so much better. I would feel more of myself. My vibration would always shift to a higher level. Thank you Tim…you are an extraordinary healer and magnificent human being.

Viki S. | New York |

“… You will start experiencing transformation almost instantly on all levels: physical, emotional, spiritual.”

Nadia Tumas“How you do you know if someone has a special energy? I’ll tell you a secret!

If you meet someone who has this gift and you spend time around them, you will start experiencing transformation almost instantly on all levels: physical, emotional, spiritual.
The magic touch of energy is what we are missing in our life to create breakthroughs and succeed!

When I first met Tim Lowry, his presence in the room was an amazing experience for me. As an energy healer myself I recognized the extraordinary vibration of his presence.

At the moment when Tim was on stage doing a healing session for everyone in the room, I experienced a major chakra’s balancing. I saw the brightest, most beautiful colors of energy I have ever seen. I knew at that moment I met a Master!”

Nadia T. | Life Purpose Decoder

Michelle Gabriel“Tim is the real-deal!”

“Tim is the real-deal! His heart-centered, detail oriented approach is a breath of fresh air. I love that he is bringing his wealth of knowledge to helping people shine in their true calling!”

Michelle G.

Heather Nicole Frank“Tim is amazing!”

“Tim is amazing! Any healer looking for personal healing, or looking to grow their healership will benefit from this wonderfully successful master!”

Heather Nicole F.

Cynthia Anne Battino“Anyone who studies with Tim will get their money’s worth of wisdom!”

“Anyone who studies with Tim will get their money’s worth of wisdom! May Success without Sacrifice bring abundance to many healers in 2013!”

Cynthia Anne B.

“I am EVER grateful to Tim for what, and who, he helped me bring into my life.”

Before my private sessions with Tim began, I had a lot of difficulty accepting and embodying the concept of feminine power (or Divine Feminine?). I had no way to declare “I am a woman,” and accept it and be proud of it.

Thanks to our work, I learned gradually to accept and love who I am, to stop comparing myself to others, trying to prove my worth to others, and work in a man’s way. Instead, I learned to unconditionally love my femininity. I learned to dare to express it safely.

I discovered my femininity so much that… I had a baby! … something I had long desired. (What kind of a SHIFT is that in a woman’s life, hey? !!) My baby is almost 5 years old now, a girl, and obviously she is teaching me every day what a girly attitude is!!!

I am so grateful to Tim for being on my side before she came in, during pregnancy, and after; making my struggles easier to go through.

My work with Tim has been one of the best treats in my life, as he is so caring, supportive and present, whatever dilemma we are going through.

He also stood on my side when I relocated my practice about 2 years ago, starting from nothing again. Two years later, I have now a fully booked practice, I have written two books, (about Abundance and Daring to Live from Your Passion!!), and I give workshops regularly in France and in Europe.

I am EVER grateful to Tim for what, and who, he helped me bring into my life.

Mary Laure T. | France

“I’ve become much more optimistic – even in the face of staringly adversity, and it turns out brilliantly every time!”

“Hi there Tim,

I’m writing to say how privileged I felt taking a class with you, I enjoyed the day immensely. I had no idea what to expect – I just knew I had to attend!

Well, my “want” was to have a solution for my procrastination. I took home what your offered in the workshop and applied it to everything. Absolutely everything! “What if I’m late for the train” became “and what if I’m not.”

I still use [the energetic shift], and I find it a treasure. I’ve become much more optimistic – even in the face of staringly adversity, and it turns out brilliantly every time! I’ve also used the advice given [another participant] and have… been taking care of myself gently too.

All in all, this day course is invaluable – thanks so much.

With many thanks to you all,”

Penelope K.

“I received patient guidance…as well as kindness, respect, wisdom, and authenticity.”

“Tim was able to point out to me specific energetic problems, provided clarity as to the cause, and insight into the way I held onto this block in my life. After working with Tim, I am considerably more open. I can track and allow greater flow of my own energy. I have gained healing with the causesnot just the symptoms. Therefore,I’ve shifted not only the block itself, but perspectives and energy.

As a result, I am much more grounded, and I have considerably more energy and flow. I received patience, guidance, a feeling of security, trust and safety in doing deep work together,as well as kindness, respect, wisdom, and authenticity. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to work with Tim. He never took on the problem directly; rather he empowered me to do so myself. Before, the energy drain was making clarity nearly impossible.

Tim helped with both aspects in his masterful way. He is appropriately titled Master Healer. (I suspect ancient lineage in this vein!)I would never hesitate to recommend you, Tim, you’re the best.”

Carol B. | Canada

“I need safe … space. Tim provides that. Every time.”

“I have had the honor of working with Tim for about 6 years. One thing that I appreciate so much is his Presence and Holding. With his support, I am able to unravel and peel back layers of patterns that I have created, and see the truth in the Present. And I am able to viscerally feel in my body what is going on in the moment. I need a safe, gentle, and non-judgmental space to open up to people fully, and Tim always provides that. Every time.”

Robert M. | Virginia, USA

“Tim is a very powerful healer and coach.”

“My greatest challenge has been to drop into painful feelings and to move out of a place of fear to being present in the presence of others.

Tim has shown great compassion, patience, strength and clarity during my inner journeying. I could feel his open heart and solid, non-judgemental presence. Where I could not grasp what was discussed in a thinking way he showed a great ability in taking me deeper and reach a place where I could feel what was being discussed. It has been a significant shift for me to be more able to trust what I feel and to get Tim’s feedback. Tim is a very powerful healer and coach.”

Nathalie D. | United Kingdom

“I am more clear, more direct, more present and more myself…”

“I am truly grateful to Tim for his strong, healthy masculine presence in my life over the last 4 years – although he has a well developed feminine side, too — and a huge heart. I’ve learned, with Tim’s help and insight and amazing healing skills, to uncover and reclaim parts of myself without judgement so there’s been a natural progression towards being able to hold myself in that place of authentic power much more comfortably. I am more clear, more direct, more present and more myself as a result. Thank you, Tim.”

Elaine M. | Scotland

“Each session I received guidance that was relevant on both a spiritual and a grounded “real-world” level.”

“I can say that I am a better person, a happier person, a more powerful person because of Tim.

When I first came to Tim I was terrified of being seen for who I really was. I was scared that if someone saw all of me, that I would be rejected or abandoned or hurt in some way. How could I show someone the places in me that I had never spoke of to anyone or put out in the open for someone to witness? For that matter, could I show someone the truly great places, the beautiful core in me that had been hidden for years in fear of being rejected?

Through the years that we worked together, Tim provided a space that I could bring my whole self into. No matter what I brought forward, I was met with non-judgment, humor and a deeply caring heart. Each session I received guidance that was relevant on both a spiritual and a grounded “real-world” level.

He supported me in becoming more of who I truly am by teaching me that I could live a life that I truly longed for. Through his deep sensitivity and amazing intuitive ability, he helped me find my own way and gain a sense of trust in myself. He helped transform my ability to relate in relationship, especially in intimate relationship. He was my main catalyst in letting go of relationships that didn’t serve me and finding the partner I truly wanted to be with. He taught me healthier boundaries and that I am responsible for my life by the choices I make.

Each session was uplifting and supportive from a cellular to a soul level. Whether it was in person or over the phone, I would walk away feeling a huge vibrational shift and having a deeper understanding of myself.

His guidance and wisdom continues to guide me and my life. I think this shows that his impact has been transformational and profound. It has deeply integrated into my system and my daily life.

Because of working with Tim, I now feel confident in leading myself and helping others in their own healing process. I learned the skills I need to become a self-loving, powerful and successful woman, both in my personal and professional life.

My life would look so different had I not had an ally like Tim. He has been one of my greatest blessings on my journey to myself.

Thank you Tim for helping me transform into the person I am today. I am more in alignment with my life’s deepest longings because of you and for that I am eternally grateful. You make the world a brighter, better place and I’m so that thankful your light shined on me…and that my light is more visible now!”

Simarron S. | Montana, USA

More Feedback, In Their Own Words…

“Thank you for being with me in the many lessons I’ve had. Your honor and tender heart have been truly lovely to experience. You are a massive inspiration to me. With much love and gratitude,”
Catherine W.

“I am delighted that I got the privledge to work with you. I love the passion and enthusiasm you bring…combined with an ease and pragmatism, yet high level of professionalism.”
Tracey B.

“With your warm and sincere presence and support, I could acknowledge, accept, appreciate, honor, and thus integrate the feminine and masculine aspects in myself.”
Barbara T.

“Your wisdom and no-nonsense approach is truly great!”
Eddy D.

“I am very thankful for this ‘Divine Gift’ of being taught by you. My deepest respect for this wonderful work you give to the world.”
Bibi T.

“Thank you for your beautiful teachings. I’ve learned so so much in such a short time!”

“Thank you for being such a lovely model of a powerful, fully present man with a huge, nurturing, loving heart. You were just the right teacher for me…”
Anna D.