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Recharge…It’s not optional

Recently, things have been a bit hectic for our family. My mother-in-law has been ill and my wife has been traveling to Floridaabout once a month to be there for her Mom. We live in Montana, so that’s not simply a quick drive down the street rather it takes a whole day on a plane to get there. This got me thinking…the thing about wanting to be there for someone else is it becomes increasingly important that you be there for yourself, so you can keep your energy up and function well.

The truth about this for me is I subscribe to the idea that you can’t be of help or take care of anyone else if you are not helping and taking care of yourself, first.

Now, I know most of us already have a pretty good handle on a basic level of self-care and that’s great. However, what I am talking about here is when you have an added stressor(s). With extra stressor(s) you must take added care of yourself.

This may look a bit different for everyone, yet there are a few things that seem to be non-negotiable when under increased stress. You need to keep yourself running at a higher vibration to keep up and keep healthy.

Here’s 3 tips for you:

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