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Coaching Policies

  • How to contact me:

    Cancellation of appointments requires 24-hour notice to reschedule. At times, my ability to reschedule promptly may be very limited. However, I am here for you and will reschedule at the earliest time available. Also, if you are late to your appointment, we will make the best possible use of the time remaining.

    Personal responsibility and personal success consists of a variety of factors including mindset, energy, support, and action. I will ALWAYS hold you as powerful and capable, even when you don’t feel so yourself. However, ultimately you are responsible for your actions or lack thereof. You will get the best results by fully committing to yourself and your goals. In the context of our coaching work together, you can do this by

    • Showing up on time for our scheduled sessions
    • Completing any/all assignments within the agreed upon timeframe
    • Sharing any information that affects our work together immediately
    • Practicing regular self-care

    You have agreed to terms of payment separately. Failure to meet these obligations will have consequences. Also, all programs, as well as benefits and bonuses associated with that program, are considered to be complete as of the last scheduled session of the program. Please make sure you have read the terms and conditions of your enrollment agreement.