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We’ve found that clients who start with a Private VIP session experience greater transformation in less time. Your Private VIP experience is a dedicated 3 hours one-on-one with Tim. Many clients opt for the convenience of a “virtual” session – Tim will work with you over the phone or on Skype.

Put simply, this is the most powerful option for getting fast-track results. By spending an entire morning or afternoon focused on you, your core needs and your current places of alignment and frustration, Tim is able to get to know you deeply in a short amount of time.

You’ll get feedback on the “glue in your system” you can use immediately. You’ll get to experience for yourself Tim’s unique take on energy dynamics and how the relationships we create start with us and touch every aspect of our lives.

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Some people like to jump right in, and some like to have a map of new territory before they leap.

Whichever category you fall into, we’re here to help. Success Without Sacrifice was founded on the principles of alignment and integrity. Because of this, we offer more customized programs than any of our peers. That’s a good thing for you – but it can be a lot to take in at once.

The solution? Call us!

We can help you understand all the options, explain the details of the many benefits and bonuses included in our programs, and work with you around any special needs or scheduling issues.

Pick up the phone to begin, or click below to contact our Program Specialist.

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