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How to Turn Your Conversations Into Paying Clients

Too many of you are missing out on potential income because you lack a clear strategy for turning your conversations with potential clients into sales conversions for you business.

I can already hear you saying, “sales conversions, ewwww!” I want to ask you, who are you cheating here? You have fantastic skills and unique life experience. You know that for the right person, you can make a tremendous difference. You have the power to change lives for the better.

If you don’t consistently get clients actually working with you, how will you help them? “Converting” people isn’t a dirty concept. Sales and conversions are about becoming skilled at clarifying exactly what you offer and who it benefits. Sales and conversions are the HOW that drives using your gift in the world.

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What Are the Top 3 Business Qualities Clients Pay For?

Great clients who pay you well come from your mindset and 3 critical business practices.

Many people tell us that they just can’t find paying clients, or that their clients are reluctant to pay them, or that their clients really can’t afford them.

We promise you, this doesn’t have to be true for you! At it’s heart, if your practice is full of clients who can’t pay, you don’t have a successful business. Without a successful business, you are sacrificing more than time and financial freedom. You are sacrificing your potential to reach more people and affect more profound change.

Quite possibly, you are not holding yourself or your clients as truly powerful. We love helping our clients shift their money mindsets and discover why it’s often your own boundary issues around money and worthiness that cause you to attract clients who feel powerless to pay you.

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Can You Make a Living as A Healing Professional?

Absolutely! Here at Success Without Sacrifice we are passionate about helping the helpers.

That’s why Tim’s very first video series (and our first-ever blog post!) is all about attracting and maintaining a steady stream of clients.

Whatever service you are providing, whatever system you are skilled in, you can’t make the difference you are here to make if you can’t run your business.

Looking forward to your first client? How do you find them? What do you say?

Or you may be at the point where you have clients, but you can’t figure out how to create more leverage, so you can serve more people without burning out or working to the point where your self-care disappears.

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