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Recharge…It’s not optional

Recently, things have been a bit hectic for our family. My mother-in-law has been ill and my wife has been traveling to Floridaabout once a month to be there for her Mom. We live in Montana, so that’s not simply a quick drive down the street rather it takes a whole day on a plane to get there. This got me thinking…the thing about wanting to be there for someone else is it becomes increasingly important that you be there for yourself, so you can keep your energy up and function well.

The truth about this for me is I subscribe to the idea that you can’t be of help or take care of anyone else if you are not helping and taking care of yourself, first.

Now, I know most of us already have a pretty good handle on a basic level of self-care and that’s great. However, what I am talking about here is when you have an added stressor(s). With extra stressor(s) you must take added care of yourself.

This may look a bit different for everyone, yet there are a few things that seem to be non-negotiable when under increased stress. You need to keep yourself running at a higher vibration to keep up and keep healthy.

Here’s 3 tips for you:

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Does Your Success Make You Happy?

REAL SUCCESS makes you REAL HAPPY! No questions, conjecture, or debate.

However, feeling good about success is all in how you measure it. It’s all in your “yardstick.”

It’s simple, REAL success makes you happy! Real success allows you to “be more present” – to be more tolerant, more generous, to reach more people, and to shine authentically brighter.

The way you measure success, now that can trip you up! Webster’s dictionary says success is: “a degree or measure of succeeding.” OK, if it’s a measure, then you need to know what “yardstick” you are using to determine if you have achieved success…or not?

Are you like my friend, a highly visible, highly “successful” entrepreneur who measures her life by the speed at which she outpaces her peers? Striving for more, regardless of what it costs. If so, I know already that your life is full of drama, guilt, self-doubt, and unrelenting pressure.

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The Elephant in The Room (part 2)

Last time I opened up a can of worms. I decided I was willing to speak about “The Elephant in The Room.” Briefly, the elephant in the room is what the top 1% are doing that you are not. It’s very simple, they are getting help moving through their internal “crap” and moving through it quickly, so it doesn’t hold them back from releasing their Big Vision and growing their businesses.

Now, many people speak about personal growth and the myriad reasons it is a “good” thing. What hasn’t been talked about is what needs to happen when you are a Big Vision entrepreneur or professional on a leadership path and you want to get YOUR very important message out to the world. I want to bring this out into the open and talk about this, because this is what I do. I specialize in helping leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals with this very thing, and we do it in a BIG way!

Just recently I was a grateful participant at an Elite Level Mastermind Group and one of the women in the group who currently has a multi-6 figure business said, “I have invested WAY more in the personal growth side…” and another woman whose business topped $1.2 million this past year said, “I couldn’t have done [it] without this piece.”

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The Elephant In The Room (part 1)

There is an elephant in the room!

No, not literally, however it may often feel that way. You know what I mean when I say this, right? The “elephant in the room” means that “thing” that everyone knows about, but no one is talking about.

It’s something groups, especially families, do all the time. When something has happened between two or more people, and it hasn’t been resolved, and for whatever reason no one is saying anything about it. Maybe there are still hurt feelings. Maybe there is a grudge or a secret. Often it’s the interaction of several of these.

It begins to feel like there is a big elephant in the room; everyone can feel the crowding, the tension (and smell the stink!), yet no one is willing to be the one to open up THAT can of worms.

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When You Just Feel Like Crap…

“My friend, if you’ve got sunshine streaming from every cell of your body and are living the rockstar life you know you were destined for, you can skip this post and instead let me know where I can sign up for your fan club!

I’ve been getting a few emails lately from people who are down in the dumps, stuck in an emotional mud puddle, or just downright feeling badly. So I wanted to extend my hand for anyone who needs it.” Excerpted from Tera Warner…

Self Reveal: Last week was just a rough week for me, too.

I don’t always want to admit it. I certainly don’t go out of my way to bring attention to it, but the fact is that last week I was feeling achy, just painful in my body, low energy, overworked and generally under the weather.

When that happens, I know exactly what I need to do to get back on track and avoid the self-pity spiral that keeps me compromising my health and vibrant well-being. I thought you might appreciate knowing some of what I do.

Here it is:

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5 Steps To Let Go Of “Easy” and Create The Life You Want

Last week we discussed how often the Western obsession with quick, one-time fixes for chronic problems leads to pain and disappointment.

And we promised you 5 Steps to turn it around.

Let go of the addiction to instant gratification and short-term “easy” — with its many hidden costs —
and start creating the good life on multiple levels.

Here it is:

1. Honest

Get honest and consciously ask yourself what is really important to you right now. This isn’t the place for what you think you should want, what your parents want for you, what is easiest or most comfortable to want. This is the place where you get “real” about the most important things to YOU.

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The Problem With Easy Money, All-You-Can-Eat-Diets, and Effortless Self-Evolution…

An awful lot of coaching (and marketing!) focuses on instant gratification and easy one-time solutions to chronic problems. Good luck with that.

There’s easy as in aligned flow. And then there’s easy as in blind-denial-that-causes-problems-later. Go for the good life: put your effort into growing the flow, not looking for the instant easy.

Have you heard promises like these?

  • How To Make Six Figures Practically Overnight
  • The All-You-Can-Eat Comfort Foods Diet
  • 6-pack Abs in 4 Minutes
  • Inner Peace is on Special, This Saturday Only

So what’s the problem? We all like the idea of fast, easy, and simple, right?

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3 Simple Steps to Stopping Procrastination Dead in it’s Tracks

Procrastination is a great example of sacrificing self.
When you procrastinate you are effectively stopping your life force and using a lot of energy to do it. What if there was a way to stop procrastination DEAD?

Here are 3 simple steps that accomplish just that.

1. Courage to ask for and receive support – have your expert facilitator available for the tricky ones.

You will need an expert for those places where you haven’t had much or any experience and really need an objective, outside view. For example, your Mother’s illness triggering basic programming of safety, security and control.

In the case of more simple situations and things like completing a work assignment, cleaning your house or having that less than comfortable conversation with someone, you can use your journal, your self-conversations, your mediation practice, or a friend who supports your brilliance and calls you on your pain places.

Not only do we need to be able to recognize the need for help, we also have to make the choice to receive it. Often when we are in a crisis or resistance place, it can be difficult to see or hear the support that is right there in front of us. Choosing to open to ALL available help is a skill. We need to practice accepting help and trusting that it is there. This is another important step in the process toward higher energy levels and increased awareness.

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How to Find Your Inner Guidance: Trust What You Want

Trust that what you want comes from a good place and leads to a good place.

When you do, you find that you carry meaningful internal guidance with you at all times. This is a hallmark of conscious adulthood, and it creates incredible success.

Last week we talked about wanting and desire getting a bad rap. Today I want to continue that discussion by looking at one reason I see people getting trapped in a cycle of judgment about what they want.

It’s a sneaky one. They treat their wants as if they were those of a child.

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What Do You Want? (Are You Clear About What YOU Want?)

Wanting and desire often get a bad rap in the spirituality and consciousness movement.This is a common, profoundly limiting mindset that sabotages the true role of “wanting,” leaves you with a host of “bad” feelings and a lot of self-judgment.

Wanting… longing… the desire to close the gap between where you are and what you are able to imagine for yourself… these are the drivers of your life.

Some people disguise their “naked ambitions” and some flaunt them…but I’ve yet to meet anyone who didn’t have them.

Whether you see yourself mostly as a Buddhist practicing non-attachment, an entrepreneur practicing success manifestation, or a new parent practicing sleep-deprivation, you are continuously wanting to move away from suffering and towards joy.

Moment to moment you are wanting a wide variety of things, from the food you’ll eat in the next five minutes to a vision of the lifestyle you desire and think is still ten years away. WANTING is not the problem. The crazy conflicted beliefs we play back to ourselves about what we want and what it says about what kind of person we are — our value — THAT is the problem.

It’s NOT the wanting or desire itself that causes suffering. So, why is that so hard for us to live with?

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