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About Tim Lowry

Former Rockstar Turned Master Healer and Coach Tim LowryI’m here to help you achieve the success you deserve without sacrificing your lifestyle, relationships, or spirituality to do it.

But it’s not just you I help.

As someone who leads, inspires and breaks new ground, you also have the amazing ability to change the lives of those around you. Watching that happen is one of the many joys I get from working with you.

Especially if you run a business, your breakthrough will ripple down and affect your employees, your customers, even your suppliers. If you run a family, healing patterns of suffering and dis-function will affect generations.

You’re not just one person, you’re a wave of influence!

So how did I get into helping influencers experience transformational breakthroughs?

I had been teaching energy healing to a global audience at the undergraduate and the graduate level for more than 10 years. I love training both newcomers as well as those with more experience who want to up-level their skills. It is hugely gratifying when a client opens to possibilities that change their life!

I started to see the profound effects that some of the healing systems could have on people … even people who weren’t only focused on becoming healers, some of them just wanted to grow personally, to get unstuck. Funny thing is, many of these would-be healers became free to move forward and make big differences in the world.

At that point I was hooked on finding ways to help and support people who have a big vision and want to make a big difference (even if sometimes they didn’t know it yet)… I became passionate about quickly cutting through the “crap” that’s in the way, while maintaining the profound open-heartedness and spiritual alignment of deep healing work.

Even though my experience in reading human energetic patterns and identifying dysfunction makes my skills appear to some like magic, I became convinced that insight was only the beginning, and that for true healing and transformation to take place it’s necessary to help people uncover the incredible courage and energy hidden inside of them, energy that’s just waiting to be unthrottled and put to use in aligned action.

Over time, I developed what I believe is the most effective system in the world for creating sustainable, lasting, and fulfilling transformation.

Tim And Laura LowryIn The Very Beginning

Growing up in the Chicago area, my family was connected to quite a few entrepreneurs and successful leaders. My grandfather was the head of the Chicago Bar Association for a time and when I was younger the family attended many “social” gatherings. I got a crash course, first hand knowledge and experience of the unique struggles and frustrations many of these people faced.

I saw how many people depended on them, how hard they worked, how far the pendulum could swing from being “up” to being “down” … and I always noted how their inner challenges and frustrations seemed to be a consequence of their “successful” lifestyles.

I chose to leave “that world” and pursue my healing path. I wanted to be totally outside of it. (I felt deeply that there had to be a better way.) I wanted to be with people interested in listening to their intuition, listening to their bodies, setting healthy boundaries, etc. (Even though it didn’t fit with the macho, superficial, and glittery world I came from or was “supposed” to continue in.)

My childhood had made me believe the myth of compromise. In order to get what you want, you must sacrifice something in return. When I realized it wasn’t true I couldn’t wait to bring what I had learned to the people and the challenges I myself had known and struggled with growing up.

You see, I’d learned that the compromises people were making weren’t actually helping them achieve their success. If anything, their sacrifices were holding them back!

And that’s why I founded Success Without Sacrifice.

As I built my private practice of entrepreneurs, leaders, and highly passionate individuals, I saw monumental changes in my clients when they become unstuck. When they do the inner work and can finally support and sustain change along with everything else.

These are the results I want YOU to experience!

Take a look at the coaching packages, or contact us directly and see how I can help you to quickly and specifically address and remove the roadblocks stopping you from your success.